Backed by years of experience in the tactical and self-defense gear industry, we offer only products that have been proven to be both highly effective and affordable.

At RYMMES, you won’t find every personal safety product out there because it takes more than fancy-schmancy marketing to impress us.

After assessing the quality and effectiveness of thousands of brands and items, we’ve decided to offer only self-defense gear that we can back with a level of confidence that outweighs even our shipping manager. And that’s saying something.

Seriously though, if we ever have a single issue with any of the products we offer, we simply won’t offer them to our valued customers.

We rigorously test them, time and time again, for superior reliability. Because the last thing you need, when the SHTF, is an inferior tool that serves you better sitting in your junk drawer at home.

Driven by a passion for creating a safer environment for even the toughest, most grizzled survivalist, RYMMES ensure that you and your family are protected when you need protection most.

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